Format And delivery

  • Queries on Order

    Market Research Inc makes your first contact easy and simple. You can write an introductory email or just dial our number.

    How do I Order?

    • Email
    • Telephone

    You can either email us or contact us on the number provided to open a communication route with us.

    As the representative of the company, you are expected to have full authorization from the company and reproduce information confirming the same, when placing orders in place of your company.

    Placing Order via Email

    You can explain your exact requirement or send your query to  You will receive a prompt response from our dedicated team of executives within 24 hours.

    Placing Order on Phone:

    Get in touch with us on +1 (628) 225-1818 (24 hours) to place an order instantly. We will be happy to assist you with a bundle of queries related to your order.  

    Data presentation at Market Research Inc is made available in PDF format.

    For request on variation in data format, you can get in touch with us.

    Delivery Period – 5 to 7 Business days.

    (In case of any changes in requirements or specific updates from the client side, the delivery time frame can exceed until the appropriate sign off.)