Research Methodology

Large scale quantitative studies to qualitative research, incorporating ethnography and semiotics, MRI employs a blend of modern and traditional methodologies, to arrive at the most chiseled and reviewed outcome for your business. The usual survey, focus group studies, interviews, observations and field trails are part of the work we do here. As one of the most sought-after market research firms in the country today, we have the pulse of the market.

One of the most important components of our research reports is sizing and understanding the competition and who are the people and names that form the market elite. An amalgamation of analytical and statistical techniques, plays an important role in forming market inferences and drawing reports. Research at MRI keys in trends, segmentation, SWOT analysis, risks and predictions.

We value the importance of interaction and environment, Primary research and Secondary that moves from field to generating data from existing, authentic research; government data banks, newspapers, magazines, the internet, are our main methodologies.

Dissecting the mind of the consumer, to read their behavior, is backed with modern psychology. We study these patterns and revelations resulting so, through Qualitative research.

Market research thrives on Quantitative methods of study. At MRI our facts and figures are well investigated and presented before you.